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Always in a hurry, bustling about. Other things to do than shopping!

oo much to choose from. You have no time to run around or search for hours

on the net to find the right product for you, the must haves, and the ones that will last.



You want to make it simple and more efficient

You wish to find easily  the product which suits you

ou want to change car. You cannot stand this piece of furniture any more.

You lack cupboard space… You need a real sound system. You want to have arts on your walls.



acking inspiration and reference marks for yourself, your house, your relatives.

What to wear, what gift to offer on a special occasion? What matches with what? What pleases? What do you like?

You are expecting

personalized advice

sustainability, craft industry… and you wish that they are more present in your purchases.

ome criterias are really important to you such as  made in France, luxury,


You want solutions that work with your values

You want to express yourself


ociety is made made of codes (clothing, interior design, electronic devices…) that

don't always suit you. On the contrary, you have difficulties to escape these codes, to try something else than functional.

Do you recognize yourself? Do you ask yourself those questions? Free yourself and let me handle the selection and the purchase of what you need and want.

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