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What your Personal Art Director provides you with

budget and specifications that have been decided together. I am at your side throughout the year by ensuring you time-saving, peace of mind, enhancement.

lternately a designer, a decorator, a technical or artistic adviser, I am a true partner freeing you from any research and purchase. I select the products which correspond to you according to the












"There are too many offers! Yet I must make up my mind"

I take over. Do not hesitate any more, I am here to assist you and help you not to miss the mark.




"I need to dress up for this occasion, I do not know how …"

Having discovered who you are, I know what suits you and what pleases you. I offer you the necessary distance and an external eye to guide you to what really corresponds to you.

            Side by side

"I'd like an ethnic touch in my home but what?"

All year round, I am at your side to simplify your life with style. I help you to refine your desires and take over from you in the fields which you less control.




"Another search engine which floods me under targeted advertisements"

Since when does this screen understand you? I listen to you, we discuss. You consume intelligently.




"I'm going to spend hours in stores again"

This ultimate stage is perhaps the one that puts you off most. I'll take care of it, you are left doing what you really like.




"I think of changing car but I do not know the new models"

I carry out the necessary search and preselect for you by targeting the products that correspond to you.



"I saw this carpet in a magazine, findable?"

You may have seen an object in a media. I will find it for you and see if I can find something more interesting, appropriate or cheaper.



"I always go back to the same shops, everything is alike"

I help you to venture off the beaten track by enabling you to discover other worlds. Thus you will be able to mix trends and traditions.




"I would like to be seen differently"

Everything you surround yourself with influences your image. I gradually direct you towards choices that will get you to radiate in the way you wish to be perceived.




"If at least I had suggestions..."

From Zara to Hermès, from Ikea to Bulthaup, from Dacia to Mercedes, from mass production to unique parts, I regularly send you my very special favorites personalised in the fields that most interest you.




"I have to give my niece a present, help !"

Take it easy! I will find the perfect gift for any situation if you run out of inspiration.



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