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chemistry meeting to discover your personality, your environment, your tastes,

 your needs.


The aim is to understand you in a sufficiently complete way so as to work efficiently and easily thereafter without mobilizing your time.



to know each other

I need to understand what you like, what makes you dream and what you don't like as well as gathering some more practical information.


" A time of discovery and advice in touch with your wishes. "



It will be a time also for you to get toknow me and trust me because it is important that we should be on the same wavelength, that we simply get along well.




 You brief me, we exchange in order to refine your idea and then I look after everything. If needed, I make  intermediate propositions then I buy and send you the products or deliver them.


ou contact me as soon as a desire, a need occurs to you even if you consider purchasing it only in six months time.


I deal with your purchases of clothing, accessories, decoration, furnishing, equipment of the house, vehicles… I will not buy strawberries at 2:00 am in February. It is not my purpose. Having a little time to find out what perfectly suits your needs and your aspirations will be my best asset to satisfy you.




   regularly propose a selection of my favorites to you. I challenge you and enable you to

   reach your goals.



" Choices that work for you, in sync with your life, your dreams, your dens. "




An operation by subscription in order to facilitate our partnership.

An annual engagement which ensures you of my availability, of a really personalised service and enables you to anticipate and space out your needs.

An efficient and simple formula frees your diary and your spirit.


First to know each other, Diagnosis day: from 690€


Then, Subscription 1 year: from 790€ / month


Rates according to number of people and evaluation of your needs.


Service available in Paris and close area, whether you are resident or frequent visitor. Contact (pH) ² for any other geographical location.



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