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based on sincerity and kindness.



Recognized for my taste and my quest for detail. Always on the look-out for the right product, the right combination, the correct style, for the right functionalities, the quality and image.

oth rational and creative, non judgemental, I listen. Discrete and efficient, I establish relations

“No extravagance for extravagance's sake, but the small touch that makes the difference.”


Etienne Pouteau, creator of (pH)²
your Personal Art Director



“Beauty and functional, two completely inter-connected concepts.”





and graduate Image Consultant and Decorator.



A completely different former professional life as an engineer, a corporate executive and manager in several large companies… Feet firmly on the ground and aware of your time constraint, your busy schedule, your needs for business… I will consider them and adapt to them.


ecause aspirations, inspirations and human qualities are not sufficient, I'm also a trained




exhibitions, web, press, private sales, craftsmen, artists, fairs… I observe, I meet, I look, I pick up, I compare, I investigate, I inquire and I seize opportunities.



You will benefit from my ideas and my lucky finds to meet your needs and your desires in harmony with who you really are.

how-rooms, shops, concept stores, flea markets, spaces of creation, antique dealers, galleries,

" A real choice for style, practical aspects, comfort, chic, well balanced originality. "



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